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Administrative Doctrines

  Administrative doctrines are bodies of ideas which provide specific maxims about administrative ‘whos, hows, and whats’. A simple example of an administrative maxim is the assertion that every member of the organization should wear the same uniform; another is the idea that pay should be related to seniority.

Administrative doctrines have developed both as cause and consequence of increasing organizational complexity: and many of them have their historical antecedents in the agararian empires. In contemporary Western civilizations, administrative doctrines usually cluster in distinct sets. The doctrines are often based on idealized conceptions of archetypal organizations, such as armies, businesses, religious communities, or democracies.

Administrative doctrines, according to Christopher Hood and Michael Jackson, are rarely neatly related to political beliefs or ideologies. For example, conservatives, liberals and socialists sometimes prescribe centralizing doctrines, albeit for different activities, and both conservatives and communists may organize their political parties like clans or churches of true believers. BO\'L

See also administrative theory.Further reading Christopher Hood and , Michael Jackson, Administrative Argument.



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