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Black Comedy

  Black Comedy is a type of comedy dealing with grotesque or unpleasant situations which attacks comfortable assumptions about social taboos, for example, by treating death as comic. The usage derives ultimately from the French dramatist Jean Anouilh (who categorized his plays as either rose or noir), and perhaps from André Breton\'s Surrealist Anthologie de l\'humeur noir (1940). Although such earlier works as Aristophanes\' Knights and Jonson\'s Volpone might be seen as black comedies because of their biting satirical approach, the term usually refers to one of the large number of 20th-century plays and films which operate within tragicomic patterns: the range is from Dürrenmatt to Orton, from Albee to de Almodovár. TRG SS

Further reading J.L. Styan, The Dark Comedy.



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