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  Counter-transference was the term first used by Freud for unforeseen and unanalysed feelings on the part of the analyst for the patient. Because of the recurring nature of counter-transference, the conviction grew within the psychoanalytical movement that personal analysis was as important for analysts as it was for their clients. Personal analysis is now a requirement of any psychoanalytic training. The analyst\'s own transference of feelings and projections onto his or her patient is still recognized as a distorting element in treatment. Counter-transference is also used as a positive aspect of analysis, as it is understood that the feelings the patient provokes in the analyst are part of that person\'s interaction with other people and can be useful material in the analysis. The analyst\'s emotional attitudes and responses towards his patient and his patient\'s behaviour is used as clinical evidence: these responses of the analyst or therapist are seen as a reflection of the patient\'s own intention and meaning. MJ

Further reading A. Alexandris and , G. Vaslamatizis (ed.), Counter-Transference, Theory, Technique, Teaching.



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