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Language Planning

  Linguists observe that natural processes of linguistic change are complemented, on occasion, by more direct, consciously motivated intervention in the form of language planning. Numerous sociopolitical factors can give rise to a need for language planning, including the relocation of international boundaries, the withdrawal of colonial powers, or the creation of new nations. Language corpus planning can be contrasted with language status planning, although the two approaches are by no means mutually exclusive. In language corpus planning, attention is paid to the formal aspects of language. A language variety is selected to function as the norm in society, prior to being codified and standardized. A writing system may have to be developed, in addition to conventions for spelling, morphology and syntax. Modernization, via the creation of new lexical items, may also be needed to cope with the demands of science, technology and international commerce. The next step is to gain acceptance for the language reforms and encourage the diversification of the social functions fulfilled by the language. Language status planning, on the other hand, is characterized more by the development of national identity through language. The rights of minority languages within a society have to be balanced with the need to promote a language which will be accepted both nationally and internationally. MS  



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