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  The narcissus is a flower which grows from itself and needs no cross-fertilization. In Greek myth, Narcissus fell in love with his own image and would not accept that it was only his reflection. As a consequence he suffered fits of melancholia and mania until he died of starvation. The baby, like Narcissus, initially has the impression that he is self-satisfying: all his urges are satisfied by the mother who seems to be an extension of himself. This omnipotent appreciation and self-love, in classical Freudian theory, is called primary narcissism. It develops into secondary narcissism when the loss of this position results in introjecting onto and identifying with others as a way of overcoming the loss of a sense of complete control and power. A narcissistic personality would be someone who still felt that all the effects around him were a result of his energies and who was unable to modify his views in relation to reality. Havelock Ellis and Nacke used the word narcissism to describe a sexual perversion where the subject desired his own body in preference to others. The realization that other people\'s opinions, views, desirability, etc. exist would be a move away from the narcissistic position. MJ  



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