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New Music, The

  ‘The New Music’ is a phrase regularly used by European innovators to claim some kind of artistic high ground: Wagner\'s followers, for example, claimed that his work was ‘new music’, a reinvention of the art. Perhaps two such claims are more valid than most. In the early 17th century, art music composers such as Caccini (who coined the term ‘New Music’) used it for work which consisted of a solo line with accompaniment, as compared with the predominantly contrapuntal styles preferred till then. The arrival of a mainly vertical style of music (as against a mainly horizontal style) revolutionized the art. Wagner\'s work, three centuries later, is merely a refinement and continuation of processes already there. The second claim is late-20th century, and is on behalf of electronic music. This again is an entirely ‘new music’, since both the generation of sounds and the way they are subsequently treated depend on methods, and technical resources, unknown before. KMcL  



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