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  Reparation is the word Melanie Klein used for the healing, in psychiatry, of imagined and received injuries in infancy. It manifests itself in a desire for reconciliation and the ability to identify with other people in a caring and sensitive way. It is the time when the patient can let go of painful frustrations and suffering in the past. It results in the ability to love and be loved.

In Kleinian analysis the patient is seen to be the victim of persecutory and depressive anxieties which reduce the patient\'s relationship to the external world. This is finally worked through in the mourning period of analysis, the termination of therapy. Reparation takes place when there is an understanding of the patient\'s dependence on, and idealisation of, the internal objects that represent mother and father (the imagos). MJ

Further reading Hannah Segal, An Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein.



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