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  Resistance, in psychoanalysis, is the power possessed by an individual to deny self-knowledge. Freud\'s hysterical patients put up resistance to remembering scenes which precipitated their symptoms. They denied the existence of the traumatic incidents responsible for their illness. In Freud\'s own self-analysis he realized that he resisted forming certain conclusions about himself in the same way as his patients because the facing of repressed material was painful. Overcoming his patients\' resistances became a key part of the psychoanalytical work. Dreamers did not wish to accept wish-fulfilling interpretations of their dreams, and were reluctant to look at their latent content. Freud also found that a large number of cases of resistance related to sexual ideas dating from childhood. Incest and wishes involving the sexual, ‘perverted acts’ of the mouth, anus or genitals often occur in free association. Resistance has come to be used as a general term for a patient\'s or client\'s resistance to formulations in psychodynamic analysis. MJ  



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