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Romantic Comedy

  Romantic Comedy, in drama, is a form in which the main impetus of the action is the protagonists\' attempts to find an appropriate sexual partner, in the face of either external opposition (for example, patriarchal fathers who want their daughters to marry for money, not love), or internal misunderstanding (for instance, lack of self-knowledge leading to an inability to recognize true feelings), or a mixture of both. Many Romantic Comedies rely on elements of Comedy of Manners, while the complications which ensue when there are two pairs of would-be lovers can be close to farce. The enduring popularity of Romantic Comedy owes much to the near-universality of its subject matter, and to the opportunities it offers audiences to share vicariously the triumphs of true love, since in a typical Romantic Comedy there is seldom room to doubt that the concluding marriages are anything but a happy ending. TRG SS

See also comedy.Further reading Northrop Frye, Anatomy of Criticism; , Elder Olson, The Theory of Comedy; , Wylie Sypher, (ed.), Comedy.



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