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  Secularization (from Latin secularis, ‘of the age’) is the process in modern societies whereby religious ideas, practice and organizations lose their influence in the face of scientific and other knowledge.

Tracing the extent of secularization is a complex process and the extent of secularization across Western societies varies considerably. In the US, for example, religious membership has remained high and the formation of new cults or sects has continued in many modern societies. That secularization cannot be assumed to be an automatic feature of modernity is indicated by the resurgence of religion in some modernizing societies (for instance, recent Islamic revolutionary movements). In Northern Ireland, Protestants and Catholics keep alive a deep-seated religious divide.

Despite the continued significance of religion in modern society, with the exception of the US, industrialized countries have all experienced considerable secularization when measured by level of membership of religious organizations. Secularization also concerns how far religious organizations have been able to maintain their social influence, wealth and prestige, and this has progressively waned. Religion continues to be of significance but the hold of religious beliefs is far less than it was even 20 years ago. DA

See also church; culture; ideology; rationalization; religion; theories of modernity.Further reading T. Luckmann, The Invisible Religion: the Problem of Religion in Modern Society; Martin, A General Theory of Secularization.



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