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  Seismology (Greek, ‘study of quaking’) is the modern science of studying the action of shock waves from underground explosions (natural or human-made). It allows a picture to be constructed of the nature and behaviour of the Earth\'s interior, and leads to predictions of earthquakes and other such significant events on the surface. The work is now done with the help of measuring instruments and computers, and seismology is a formal science. In ancient times the ability to predict earth movements was regarded as a psychic gift analogous to second sight or mediumship. In earthquake-prone areas, those sensitive to earth movements were often made the guardian-presences of prophetic shrines—and since animals are as sensitive to these movements as humans, such ‘guardians’ might just as easily be horses or cattle, thought to be party to the purposes of the gods. In ancient Greece, one shrine was tenanted by a flock of prescient hens, and in ancient Japan, carp in a pool predicted earthquakes. KMcL  



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