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  The term subculture signals a reaction against mainstream culture, a system of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, modes of behaviour and styles of life distinct from, but related to, those held by the majority of the population in a society. Small societies tend to be culturally uniform but modern societies incorporate a great diversity of subcultures. In modern cities, for example, there are a great many subcultures living side by side. Groups as diverse as Punks, Freemasons and Rastafarians could be classed as subcultures, and in this context they have been the subjects of much research by sociologists and cultural historians.

The relationship of the subculture to the dominant culture is generally identified as one of subordination and powerlessness. Power relations are thus an important aspect of the analysis of subcultures. What is interesting is the interaction of subculture groups within a larger established culture. For example the style, speech, dress codes and attitudes of gay subcultures have influenced high street fashion for ‘straight’ men. In the UK, for example, the word has come to have a particular meaning applied to Britain\'s postwar, white, working-class youth movements, including Teddy Boys, Skinheads and Punks. Their energy and style impacted on the world of mainstream culture influencing music, advertising, fashion, film and television.

Critics have pointed out two main problems with the concept of subcultures. First, it is unclear what the main determinants are, and second, the concept assumes the existence of an identifiable dominant culture, but the cultural diversity of modern societies makes the identification of a dominant culture difficult. DA CMcD

See also assimilation; dominant ideology; ethnicity; hegemony; ideology; internalization; norms; power; social control; social integration; socialization; society; values.Further reading M. Brake, The Sociology of Youth Culture and Youth Subcultures; , S. Cohen, Folk Devils and Moral Panics; , G. Suttles, The Social Order of the Slum.



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