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  Creationism is the view that the universe and everything in it were created by God, as stated in the book of Genesis in the Bible. fundamentalist Christians hold that creation happened exactly as described, in six days. More seriously, scientific creationists argue that the complexity and diversity of the universe are such that it cannot have arisen by chance or by such processes as natural selection and uniformitarianism, that these factors point to a purpose and therefore to a purposer: a single ‘first cause’. Although insertion of the supernatural into the debate is anti-rationalist and anti-science, and though all the scientific evidence so far collected favours the anti-creationist point of view, very many people, including scientists—and including those otherwise not predisposed to religious belief or practice—still hold to it. KMcL

Further reading Hugh Montefiore, The Probability of God (the religious, indeed Christian, side of the argument); , Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker (the scientific side).



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