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  Solipsism (Latin, ‘for-oneself-ness’), in philosophy, is the theory that only oneself and one\'s experiences exist. If the only immediate objects of awareness are one\'s own sensory experiences, then it is difficult to see how one could ever establish that one\'s sensory experiences are experiences of a world whose existence is independent of one\'s own, rather than just a dream generated by one\'s own unconscious mind. But solipsists go further than sceptics. Sceptics hold that while one cannot know whether or not there is a world whose existence is independent of one\'s own, there may be such a world. Solipsists assert that nothing other than one\'s own mind and experiences exist. They claim to know that there is no world independent of oneself and one\'s own experiences. AJ

See also scepticism.Further reading B. Russell, Our Knowledge of the External World.



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